juf Jelmar

When my sister asked me to design a logo for her new business, I knew this one was going to be fun.

juf Jelmar is a freelance drama teacher, doing series of drama and acting lessons in elementary schools all across Friesland.

She needed a visual identity for her business and talked me through the story of juf Jelmar.

Drama class, or acting, is a great activity for children of all ages. It teaches you not only to find ideas in your imagination, it is also a great exercise in social skills, something we sometimes forget in modern life.

It quickly became clear that we were after a fun, energetic and a slight quirky but still professional look.

So I took to sketching.  Among the first batch was a concept that, even though I experimented with wildly different ideas, stood out to us like a sore thumb. I worked out the details, printed off a mock business card for shits n’ giggles and went to show the work to my big sis.

She loved it