juf Jelmar

How often do you get the chance to design a logo for your big sister? When she asked me to design a visual identity for juf Jelmar, freelance drama teacher, I knew this was going to be a fun one.

We sat down to discuss her business and it became clear we wanted to go for a fun, energetic, slight quirky but still professional look.

After sketching up a handful of ideas, we discussed them but found that we kept coming back to this cartoon character wearing Jelmar’s typical eye-catching glasses.

A few days later I had refined the design. I chose a vibrant red color and a calm deep blue to style the character. After that I printed a few mock business cards to show how the logo could work in real life. A smart move it would prove: she absolutely loved them. That meant it was time to finish the stationery design, write a brand style guide and get to building the juf Jelmar website.


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