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A blazingly fast custom Wordpress theme for Oostblok media

html, css, javascript, php, wordpress · oostblok.media

My friends at Oostblok were getting desperate with the state of their slow Wordpress setup and the cumbersome visual editor. With such beautiful content and so many projects in their portfolio, it was imperative to preserve the existing database while making everything around it lightning fast.

The approach was to write a brand new Wordpress theme from the ground up, making the php code and markup as lean as it could possibly be and then, combine it with every smart CSS selector and logical property we could throw at it. After that, we added some image optimization and caching plugins and the result is a website that is both easy on the eyes and suuuper friendly on the network load. Great success!

Key facts

  1. Tech html, css, javascript, php, wordpress
  2. 87.5% reduction in markup and page size
  3. 100% Lighthouse score across the board
  4. Flexible css hooks for custom gallery layouts and behavior

Let's make that browser sing.

Check out the contact page, it's really neat.