Underknown Storysuite

A high-volume video management app running on hypermedia APIs

react, typescript, sass, hypermedia · storysuite.io

Underknown is a next-generation digital media company operating 60+ owned and operated video channels on YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram - including the Webby award-winning shows "How To Survive" and “What If”. With over 50 Million followers their videos are viewed by over 150 million active viewers every month.

To manage and gain detailed insights into the many videos their world-wide team produces, Underknown had Storysuite developed by Bad Gateway. Alongside Becky, Evert and Phil at Bad Gateway, I worked on the app UI and dozens of React components for Storysuite.

Key facts

  1. Tech react, typescript, sass, hypermedia
  2. 15+ Years ago I met Steve Hulford in Toronto when joining his earlier startup, Filemobile.

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