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Embedded HTML timetables from Google Sheets json data, displaying festival timetables in a virtual 3d environment.

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The online international Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 (CAS 2021) will take place on 25 and 26 January 2021. The focus of CAS 2021 will be on finding solutions that enable people to adapt to the effects of climate change, such as extreme rainfall, drought, heatwaves and sea level rise.

Part of this event was live streamed from various venues and locations in Groningen. The boys at Oostblok had recreated the downtown area of Groningen in 3D and placed this in an online environment. They reached out to me to help them display the timetables in these virtual venues. Updating the timetable was handled by the organisation in one large Google Sheet.

We'd export the multi-day spreadsheet into a json file and loaded that into an iframe-embedded html file. Upon entering the 3D world there would be a large timetable displaying all sessions in all venues, browseable by venue and date. Each venue had an iframe near the entrance and would load its own timetable into the same page using a venue query parameter. Timetables would highlight the current keynote session based on the local Groningen time.

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